16 August, 2007

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Rev. Tara

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Morningbear said...

Perusing the S-J in Salem, there was an article on how the city was prepared to deal with hate crimes, listing the usual groups against which such crimes are directed, although the subjects of the Civil Union legislation and Equal Rights legislation were noticably absent. We have worked hard to get this legislation on the books and now we are threatened by various fundementalist and evangelical groups that wish to strike down these liberating laws. How does the message of Jesus Christ and his life allow professing Christians to be hateful and deny others protections they would go ballistic about if they were denied them? I also noted in the paper that one town in Oregon has problems like Jenna, LA, focusing on its Latino population. Hate crimes are alive and well in Oregon and without legal protections for all Oregon citizens, some will feel obliged to express their hatred in some pretty pernicious ways. It is up to the spiritual community to encourage ethical thinking and inclusion in law and in politics.

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