11 October, 2007

National Coming Out Day


October 11 is National Coming Out Day. Today we celebrate the call to be our authentic selves. Today is a day to recognize all of the challenges and joys of coming out. The faith journey we each take is marked with milestones of courage, moments of recognition and experiences of transformation. For those who are transgender, lesbian, bisexual and gay and for the people who love us, coming out is a necessary step in our physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

Coming out requires the courage to be who we are created to be. Our journey towards wholeness, health and healing reminds us that we cannot live lives according to other people's expectations. We must be bold in our conviction to be all of who we are, bringing our whole selves to our relationships, our places of employment and our religious and spiritual communities.

We are each created in the image of the Divine, so let us not be afraid of the love and light that image reflects. Tonight CWC invites you to pause, to light a candle or offer a prayer. Consider who you have been created to be. Consider where you have closets that need to be opened. Remember that we each have a unique gift to share and that you are never completely alone in the struggle for equality.

We are a wonderfully diverse people. Tonight let us celebrate the fullness of who we are and the potential we each have to create a world full of justice, hope and peace.


Rev. Tara

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